You are curled half-sleeping in a beam of sunlight. [[Wake up]] You stretch, back arched high. You are hungry and need to find someone to feed you. [[Search the house]] [[Meow loudly]]Where should you start? [[The bathroom]] [[The bedroom]] [[The kitchen]]You give several loud, insistent mews. No one comes. The indignity. [[Search the house]] You nudge the door to the bathroom open. The water is running. You jump on to the edge of the tub and swat at the stream of water. You see your human and start meowing again. "I'll be done in a minute!" your human tells you, and pushes you off. Unacceptable. [[Search the house]] In the bedroom you jump onto the bed. You find the other cat there, lounging. She perks up when you approach and start grooming her head. [[Cuddle?]]You know food comes from the kitchen cabinet. You jump onto the kitchen counter, but cannot get the cabinet open. In spite, do you [[knock a glass off]] or [[puke a hairball]]?A cup sits temptingly on the counter. You swat it off. It does not break, but it makes a loud, satisfying clang. [[Search the house]] You've been putting this off and now's the time. You hack up a hairball right on the counter. You feel a little better. [[Search the house]] The other cat has been your best friend since you came to this house five years ago. If you had any maternal drive, you'd want to have kittens with her. You lay next to each other and purr. [Food can wait.]<wait| (click: ?wait)[ (replace: ?wait)[That is, until the human comes back into the room. Then you're both up and trilling for breakfast.] ] END